Jan 16 2012
Super Fighting Robot! Rokko Chan!

I'm sure many people out there are upset with Capcom and canceling multiple Mega Man related titles. Maybe you're even upset that the Blue Bomber didn't make it into both versions of Marvel vs Capcom 3. Well fear not, your thirst for playing a new Mega Man game is (somewhat) quenched by Japanese indie developer "King", who has designed a Mega Man style game named Rokko Chan.

Rokko Chan is basically the same story and play mechanics as Mega Man, except with a female main character. It also goes back to the original Mega Man game's 6 robot masters instead of the typical 8 as found in the rest of the series.

Go ahead and give the game a try. A controller would be highly recommended unless you like using Z, X and C to jump, shoot and dash.



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