Jan 25 2012
Serious Sam game bundle
Anyone wanting to check out either the older or retro-themed spinoffs of the Serious Sam series needs to go to IndieRoyale.com NOW! They have released their newest bundle, the Serious Sam Lightning Pack, as a limited time deal (as of this posting just over 70 hours left before the deal is taken down.) The price fluctuates based off of what people pay for the bundle, but as of this writing it is under $5.00 USD. This is a steal for the 6 games available in the bundle.

Games in the bundle are all in the Serious Sam series including The First Encounter, The Second Encounter, Double D, The Random Encounter, The Greek Encounter, and Kamikaze Attack. This is a tremendous value for the price, and even better, there's a surprisingly large amount of variety in gameplay considering the fact that all games are in the Serious Sam series. The First and Second Encounters are FPS style, Random Encounter is old school RPG in nature, and Double D is a sidescrolling shooter, with The Greek Encounter being a retro top-down recreation of the first game.

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