I stumbled into the beginnings of the games industry at the tale end of 1983 and haven't managed to find the exit more than thirty years later.

I'm a pixel man at heart, 2D through and through, and while that simple-minded foolishness has caused more than it's fair share of job-seeking problems over the years I'm still here at the dawn of a new retro renaissance where indie games are popping up like veritable tribbles.

I'm more than willing to shoot my mouth off about pretty much any subject under the sun, I have mellowed somewhat in my dotage and avoid the verbal atrocities from the 80's that brought with them a reputation that I found more than slightly difficult to shake.

I'm passionate about this industry, daft as it may seem to those less informed and I plan to stick with it until I drop.

Every day that doesn't happen is both a revelation and a welcome bonus.

Here's to tomorrow!

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