May 3 2012
Midway Arcade for iOS adds iCade support
Many listeners to the RGR Podcast heard Socal Mike mention how good the Midway Arcade app is. It places you in a 3D arcade and you can move about, selecting which machine to load and play. It even has functional replicas of other arcade standards like Skee-Ball, Pool, Hoop Toss, etc. Well, Midway just made their collection even better by adding support for the iCade. Now you can enjoy some classic Midway arcade games with realistic arcade controls!

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If you haven't picked up Midway Arcade yet and you own an iPhone or iPad, you really should if you get into retro gaming at all. It includes games such as Defender, Root Beer Tapper, Arch-Rivals, Spy Hunter, Joust, and Rampage, while DLC packs are 99 cents each for a pack of 3 games in genre packs. One pack includes Gauntlet 1 and 2, plus Wizard of Wor, while the second has APB, Narc, and Total Carnage.

I'm hoping an Android version is released soon, as I love the iPod version but would love to play this one on a tablet.

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