Jan 11 2012
New Android handheld
Saw this release and ordered one immediately. Take a close look at this picture.

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Now at first glance, it looks like a PS Vita, but upon closer inspection, its missing the second analog stick. Also, the familiar Sony logo has been replaced by the name Yinlips. What we have here is a chinese knockoff! However, this thing may actually be worth the purchase.

What we are looking at is the Yinlips YDPG18. This thing could be up there with the Pandora as a decently powerful handheld emulation device. It sports a 5 inch touchscreen display 800 x 480 pixel resolution, gravity sensor, two cameras and 1080p support. Its powered by a 1.2GHz processor, supported by 512MB of RAM. It has 4 Gigs of storage, HDMI output, and supports Micro SD cards. And its also running Android 2.2. Right out of the box it has some emulators for a slew of old-school systems, however many of the emulators are rather outdated. They can be replaced with newer emulators though, and this little thing has the horsepower to run anything up to PS1 and N64 era stuff without any major problems. And it's priced around the $125 dollar range, making it in the same price range as many of the other emulator handhelds, but with a lot more horsepower. Running Android also gives you access to a wealth of other app options as well. People have already managed to sideload the Android Market, and it's rather easy to install Amazons Appstore on this as well. So if the Pandora is a little too pricey and you aren't willing to wait months after you pay, this may be a good fallback option. And I'm sure that the PS Vita carrying cases will fit this as well. Add a 32 GB Micro SD card and you have a pretty robust gaming platform.

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