Dec 4 2011
Donkey Kong Jenga
I figured I'd do something similar to Burgertimes recent blog post about Metal Gear Solid Risk and do another video-game related board game. So today, I'd like to introduce you all to Donkey Kong Jenga.

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Now for Jenga purists, this can be played just like standard Jenga, but whats the fun in that? This game can be played in Donkey Kong style, so lets check out the rules for it. All of the blocks have holes on the ends. These holes are for you to insert your Mario game characters. Each player spins the wheel, and depending on what you land on determines if you remove one or two blocks, and move your Mario up one or two girders. The first player to reach the top and reach the tower rescues Pauline! However, while you are climbing the tower gets taller as you remove blocks and place them at the top. Also, you always run the risk of toppling the tower (which I'm sure ends in the death of Mario and Pauline, as well as Donkey Kong).

This is a unique twist on the classic Jenga style gameplay that actually improves the game over its standard counterpart, and now I can't imagine playing just the standard version of Jenga, when the Donkey Kong version is more fun.

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You can find this game for around 15 dollars USD on I also recorded a video of me and my son playing this game so you guys can get a feel of the gameplay, which is in the link at the end of this post.

Donkey Kong Jenga video


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