Nov 27 2011
Risk: Metal Gear Solid Edition
Hey everyone, Burgertime back again after some computer issues to bring you guys a fantastic game I played during my Thanksgiving with some great friends.

USAopoly, the people behind most of the licensed Monopoly games like The Simpsons and Star Wars, put together a version of Risk based on the Metal Gear Solid series (mostly MGS4). This not only includes the classic Risk game play, but also incorporates new rules that add to the experience.

Limited Edition version. #996 of 2014

Along with the traditional game play, you can hire mercenary bosses to aid you in your conquest. These include characters from Solid Snake, Vamp, to Liquid Ocelot. Each one of them has different stats (shown on boss cards) that all help with different situations. Attacking with Solid Snake on the field for example, allows you to switch out one 6-sided dice for an 8-sided one. It also adds +1 to your attack and defense.

On each turn you'll be counting up how many armies you have at your disposal. When you do this you're giving "Drebin points" for each additional army you add to the board on that turn. 7 armies = 7,000 Drebin points for example. These points are used to keep a boss in play (1,000 per turn), hire another boss if your previous one fell in battle (3,000) or to buy a card from the Drebin Shop (3,000). These cards have a variety of uses and times where you can use them. Psychokinesis can be used by spending 1,000 DP just after a dice roll, and allows you to change one dice to it's highest value. The cardboard box can be played during your maneuver phase for the same cost, and allows you to move through one enemy occupied territory. The cost to play these cards average around 1 to 5k, with the highest cost being 10k for the Konami Code card.

Best old school reverence EVER!!

One new addition I didn't get a chance to take a picture of during our play was the battleship called Outer Haven. On the first turn of every round, the player tosses a dice to see where the ship will dock. If a large enough army occupies the territory next to where it docks, the player's army can attempt to take over Outer Haven. The battleship has it's own smaller board with three territories on it on which NPC army pieces are placed pre game. If you are able to take over all 3 territories, then you gain control of Outer Haven, and can place the ship anywhere you want between the 6 docking points on your next turn.

The can continue to play until one player controls all the territories, or when a player completes 3 objectives and still has control of his/her base. There are minor objectives like "Control Europe" and "Take over Outer Haven in 1 turn" or major objectives like "Take over 10 territories in 1 turn" or "Control 2 complete zones". Completing an objective also lands you a random reward like gaining the ability to have 2 bosses.

The limited edition of this game has went on sale for pre orders last month for $50 and sold out within at least 12 hours if it going live. The collector's edition with a different cover and about $10-20 cheaper is currently available. If you're a fan of Risk or even Metal Gear Solid in general, I highly recommend this set.

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