Still just as excited to get the physical copy!

Even though I am playing the heck out of the ROM right now, the cart when I get it will get equal love in the ole Atari Heavy Sixer.

This game rocks!!!!

Congrats to the whole team that made this possible and our great Podcasting Trio!

The truth is this game is the best game I have bought at full price since Fallout 3.

The guys who made this game and the hosts of the RGR podcast have done a great job and the listeners are very grateful and supportive.

This game is great and I love RGR for making it!!!!

Byte Knight, I just have to say WOW man! This game is very very great.

Now I have a strong urge to go and buy all the games that Byte Knight programmed!

Hi guys... My CGE Adventures arrived and the case, cartridge, badge, even the dice... WOW!!! great attention to detail.

The game is hard but fun, love that opening screen too... you guys have done a phenomenal job and you've done CGE proud.
I'm sure John, Joe and Sean must be happy with your tribute, nice job all the way.

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