One lazy summer, back in 1975, Mike, Neil and Ian James went to the local football field. Mike did not know that he was to be the source of the days entertainment.

Neil and Ian decided to throw Mike in the air and catch him again. Soon bored ofthis they decided to throw him up in the air and not catch him, letting him fall to the ground and break his arm.

Flash forward to 2012, and during an episode of Retro Gaming RoundUp, Mike accidentally created a new segment called 'James on James' where he recounted these tales of his youth and that of his brother Neil, who is a regular contributor to the show community.

The hosts mused that it may be fun if someone one day took this story and made a game out of it.

Here is that game!!

James & Watch: Arm Breaker for the Sega Dreamcast has the following features:
* Please ensure that your Dreamcast is a model that boots from CD-R's before purchasing to avoid disappointment.
** James & Watch is an homage to handheld LCD games of yore, and in no way affiated with any of those manufacturers.
*** It is a homebrew project that is not licensed or produced by Sega.




Finally, we would like to publicly thank and give full credit to our excellent Production Team
Concept:  Ben Lancaster
Programming:  Ben Lancaster
Graphics:  Ben Lancaster
Sound:  Ben Lancaster
Production:  Ben Lancaster
Play Testing:  Ben Jones
Play Testing:  Mike James
Play Testing:  Ian Guebert
Play Testing:  Jeremy Janargin
Play Testing:  Benjamin Rostance
Play Testing:  Neil James
U.S. Promotions:  William Culver
Online Promotions:  Mike James
Accommodation Coordinator:  Ben Jones
Cover / Inlay Art:  Benjamin Rostance

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