The card game is for 2 to 4 players and is based on "Old Maid" or "Chase The Ace".
Each player takes the role of the Deaf CD Thief, and the aim of the game is to avoid capture and steal the stack of CDs from the Podcasters at Classic Gaming Expo.

Instructions are included in the download below. It's not that hard but I'll put them here anyway.


Shuffle the cards and then deal all of them among the players as equally as possible.

Each player should then discard any pairs that they hold (i.e. Red Key and Blue Key).
The game can then start.

The first player holds up their cards in a fan, facing them so that only they can see them.
The player to their left should take one of the first player's cards and add it to their own.
If a pair is made then both cards should be discarded.
Play continues in this fashion until all of the pairs have been discarded and one player is left holding the card with the stack of CDs.

This player is the winning CD Thief!!

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