Just like the Atari VCS game, the board game version in based around the story from CGE 2010 when the RetroGaming Roundup crew were interviewing a classic gaming celebrity while a strange fellow made off with not one, but a whole spindle of 100 of the Podcast Promo CDs. Through investigation and deduction the thief was identified and has now come to be famously known as the Deaf CD Thief.

Also, like the Atari VCS game, the board game will come with VIP Passes and Las Vegas Dice as well as many 3D Printed parts.

Of course there is the Board, the Instruction Manual and a deck of Movement Cards.
Keep track of your items in your Backpack and chase those elusive CDs.

CGE Adventures the Board Game is coming soon and has already been play tested with fans.

Stay tuned to find out when the final game will be available for purchase.
Read the Instructions.

In the meantime you can always listen to the excellent song CGE Adventures.
Written and performed by the the British IBM

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