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Each month the Live News and Listener Views segment will cover the gaming related news stories that have caught our attention and that we want to share with you.

If you see something that you want us to know about or anything that you want to hear discussed on the show, then send us a link to the page or the item at:

We will do our best to include your item in our next show but please bear in mind that some links will be broken when we record our news segment.

If so we will do our best to find your story and cover it so please add a little description of the story when you send your link.

If you would like to take part in the recording of the Live News Segment then join the forums and keep an eye out for announcements about our schedule of LIVE Recordings.

Each month we will broadcast LIVE via uStream, so grab a ustream account and chat with us and interact as a part of the show.

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Retro Gaming RoundUp