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2009 Top Tens

Arcade Ports
Game Soundtracks
Arcade Cabs
Other Coin Op
Adult Themed Games
Sports Games
Pinball Innovations
Holy Crap Arcade Games
Horror Themed Games
Cartridge Based Handheld Games
Multi Player Arcade Games

2010 Top Tens

Video Game Anthologies
Atari 2600 Games
NES Games
Master System Games
Worst Games
Colecovision Games
Game Boy Games
Apple 2 Games
Intellivision Games
Atari Arcade Games
Banned / Controversial Games
Game Based Movies

2011 Top Tens

Military Themed Games
Nintendo 64 Games
Sega Mega Drive Games
Pinball Games
Video Game Babes
Video Game Hunks
Turbo GrafX Games
Retro Games (LIVE!)
Text Adventures
Game Controllers
Game Boy Colour Games
Japanese Arcade Games

2012 Top Tens

Pinball Themes
Arcade Cab Marquees
Game Designers (Console)
Driving Games
Vector Games
Dreamcast Games
Computer Software Companies
VGH Museum Exhibits
Video Game Villains
Spectrum Games
Retro Ad Campaigns
Konami Arcade Games

2013 Top Tens

Pinball Backglasses
Video Game Deaths
SNES Games
Firsts In Video Gaming
Console Light Gun Games
Maze Games
Video Game Intros
Forgotten Gaming Mascots
Annoying Game Characters
Game Memorabilia
Launch Titles
Christmas Gifts

2014 Top Tens

Handheld Systems
Outs From Previous Top Tens
Atari 2600 Boxart
Console Space Shooters
Console Video Pinball Games
Activision Games (Not Pitfall or Kaboom)
Electronic Tabletop Games
Worst Pinballs
Things At CGE 2014
Game And Watches
Games We Spent Hours Playing
Playstation 1 Games

2015 Top Tens

Sega CD Games
Worst Atari 2600 Games
Best/Worst Atari Jaguar Games
Best Game Gear Games
Best Point n Click Adventures
Best Video Game Technologies
Best Games From The Commodore 64 In Pixels
Best Bitmap Bros Vs Sensible Software Games
Best Vectrex Games
Puzzle Games
Movie Based Games

2016 Top Tens

Music Based Games
Multiplayer Console / Computer Games
Top Ten Top Tens
Worst Pinball IPs
Tracks In Racing Games
Mini Games / Bonus Levels
Sequels Better Than The Original
Platformers (LIVE)
Budget Arcade Games
Game Based Music
Game Manuals
Best Consoles

2017 Top Tens

Best Amiga Games
Guilty Pleasures
Motorcycle Games
Bug Games
BBC Micro Games
Arcade Ports Better Than The Original
Unconventional Controls
Animal Protagonist Games
Arcade Space Shooters
Ghoulish Games With Ghosts
Jungle Games
Games On Failed Systems

2018 Top Tens

Games You Should Complete
Gaming Investments
Gun Peripherals
Arcade Gun Games
Drug Related Games
Couch Co-Op Games
Summer Games
Vacation Games
One Handed Games
Games With Witches And Wizards
Games With Lava
Super Hero Games

2019 Top Tens

Commodore 64 Games
Game Boy Advance Games
Games We Hate
Alien Invasion Games
Game Wrist Watches
Games With Apples
Tunneling Games
Economy Games
Games With Zombies
Toy Based Games
Video Game Scandals
Egyptian Element Games

2020 Top Tens

Edutainment Games
Retro Gaming RoundUp