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Retro Gaming RoundUp now has official apps
for iOS and Android devices.
We have apps available in both the Amazon
and the Google Play Store.

You can get the official Amazon app here.

At just $1.99 / £1.49 our apps are priced at the
minimum that Libsyn will allow, but who else can
entertain you for so long for so little?

To use the RetroGaming RoundUp iOS App you
will need to install the free app Podcast Box

1. Search the iTunes App Store for either
Podcast Box or RetroGaming RoundUp
2. Install the free app
3. When the install has finished, choose Categories
and pull down to show the Search box
4. Search for RetroGaming RoundUp
5. Purchase the RetroGaming RoundUp app to install it
6. The RetroGaming RoundUp app is now available
via the My Shows button
7. The RoundUp episodes are available via
the Stream button

Don't forget our unofficial listener
created apps on the Android Market Place

Try the game Whack-A-Mike.

You can also use your mobile device to
download our episodes through the mobile download site
or contribute in our forums with the Tapatalk app.