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Robot is a stranded time traveler from the 1980's by way of a robot practical joke. He was returning from a late night party when his roomates told him he needed to be sent to the future to protect a human named John Connor. Armed with a toilet plunger and a case of beer his roomates locked him in the "time machine" which had been hastily fabricated in the janitors broom closet.

Little did they all know that one floor above in a secret DARPA laboratory an experimental particle accelerator was being tested, a time rift formed around it extending to the floor above and below.

Robot was zapped into the year 2013 leaving his roomates stunned to find an empty closet and to never hear from him again.

Arriving in the future he connected to the internet in an attempt to figure out when and where he was. He discovered that the world as he knew it had completely changed, other than on assembly lines robots had totally disappeared from human society.

Not wanting to end up as a captive he sought out a safe place and found the RetroGaming RoundUp studio and was allowed to stay. He quickly demonstrated his talent for all things retro, because for him it was just yesterday.

He has joined the RGR crew as the fourth host for the LIVE news and listener views segment taking on the duties of running the sound board and bartending.

Retro Gaming RoundUp