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Hello! My name is Leathco, and I post on the Retro Gaming Roundup blog. It is my goal to provide news on both Retro as well as Modern gaming, my opinions and views on what is happening in the industry today, as well as entertain those who are reading.

I was born in 1982, and a scant five years later I was already holding an Atari 2600 joystick in my hands, thanks to a generous uncle who had recently upgraded to an NES and decided he would part with his Atari collection. It was a great time for me, as he had already given me many carts, but since this was after the 1983 gaming crash, 2600 carts were both plentiful and cheap. I remember my parents purchasing games for me at Big Lots for a dollar each, and it was a joy to figure out how each game worked. I spent hours playing Combat, Asteroids, and Dig Dug, and the seeds were planted for my addiction to the world of Video Gaming entertainment.

Afterwards my parents purchased an NES for me, and I quickly became immersed in the world of Super Mario Brothers. My next game was Joust, which I got very good at, than finally I got Dragon Warrior. Being thrust into such a huge world was an incredible experience for me at such a young age, and I quickly became a fan of the turn-based RPG genre, picking up Final Fantasy and Magic of Scheherazade from the rental store every chance I got. I was also lucky enough to get a Master System on clearance with a few games, and enjoyed Space Harrier, After Burner, and Ghostbusters (yes, I liked it) on that system, although I never found any other games for it in my area.

A few years later, I was given a choice of a SNES or Genesis. I chose the Genesis and quickly was spoiled by the 16 bit graphics of the system. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was an early favorite, than Street Fighter 2, Jurassic Park, Streets of Rage, and Mortal Kombat quickly joined my collection. I eventually saved up for an SNES as well and re-kindled my RPG love with titles like Final Fantasy 3, Chrono Trigger, and Mario RPG.

Life and Technology marched on, as I got a PS1, than an X-Box. While I enjoyed those systems, I found that the games I always enjoyed most and had fond memories of were those older games I played as a child. I began collecting games and systems (while keeping up with the modern stuff), and discovered many classics I had missed as a child. I eventually joined a site called Play The NES where I made many new friends who had the same interests I did. My first discovery of Retro Gaming Roundup and GameGavel came from there. I've been a fan of the show for the past couple years, and this show inspired me to purchase my first arcade machine. I now own 3 arcade machines, over a dozen systems, and close to a thousand carts and over 500 CD based games, and it grows with every title I find.

But the best part of this gaming journey has been the friendships made from it.

I have made too many friends to mention here, but you guys know who you are, and I thank you for everything.

Retro Gaming RoundUp