Retro Gaming RoundUp


Well it's as the song goes: Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

I was born in March of 1979 in the cold North Eastern state of Maine, and got my very first system in 1983. An Intellivision that my parents bought at Toys R Us for under $100. I instantly fell in love with the system, and the game that was included with it, Burgertime. This was also the time where I got to play a game called Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin. Arguably my first RPG, Rogue like, and first person perspective game.

We held onto the Intellivision until my parents surprised me with an NES on my birthday. This opened my gaming world up even farther, and I was renting games from the local video store on a weekly basis with my allowance and beating many of them in the course of a 24 hour rental period, with the exception of RPGs though. The INTV was giving to my Grandfather, and as time moved onto the SNES era, my Uncle, Cousin and Grandfather would all get the 16 bit system, and my exposure to it would be through what they bought or I could rent. I've later gone back to the system in my adulthood and played most of the titles I missed, including some Japanese only titles that got fan translations.

The early to mid 90's were the start of me noticing arcades, and it could be a pain trying to get into one without a parent at the time. With Mortal Kombat being popular, they weren't allowing anyone under 16 in alone. Even at that age I enjoyed the blood filled fighter, as well as Street Fighter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Later on in the years my game to would end up being Dance Dance Revolution, and I would find the real classics of the arcades through console releases or the occasional bowling alley or store having some machines.

It would be my brother who ended up taking the first steps into the polygon era with the PS1. Bringing home long box copies of Resident Evil and Darkstalkers. It was here, with my first job and income, that my library of games would start to expand, finishing up with the Resident Evil series, and introducing me to a company that I for the most part missed during the SNES days, Squaresoft. Some of my favorites of this era would include Final Fantasy IX, Brave Fencer Musashi, Wild Arms, and Metal Gear Solid.

From the PS1 to the PS2 and so on, my collection has grown. My Grandfather would sadly pass away around 1999, and a few years later my Nana would hand me a box containing my original Intellivision and all the games we had owned for it, including ones my Uncle gave him as well. As I went through the box and relived the memories of my favorite system, I got to the bottom of the box. There, I would find my Grandfather's SNES and his copy of Pilotwings.

These days I still have most of the games I grew up with and bought, and I'm trying to get most of the Intellivision library complete in box, and I still do quite a bit of gaming, from old to new.

But what do I like outside of gaming you ask?
-I'm an Eagle Scout from troop 342 of Buxton Maine.
-I'm fascinated by the paranormal, conspiracy theories and myths.
-Give me 80's and 90's music over today's stuff.
-I also collect a lot of Star Wars figures

It's my love for Star Wars and Sci Fi that brought my wife Margo and I together. She also rounded out my gaming, by being the fan of the Genesis when I was a Nintendo guy. We married in May of 2010, and the story continues.....

Retro Gaming RoundUp