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Ladies and Gentlemen, it was only a matter of time!!

Here at last is NEW YORK TOY FAIR: The Game.

You play the part of a budding intrepreneur trying to get your modern retro video game console crowd funded on Kickstarter.

The only problem is, you don't have a console to show off and promote.

What should somebody trying to corner the market on retro gaming do? Fake it, obviously.

You start off outside the New York Toy Fair and you have to explore the show floor and find the components you need to build a fake prototype and show off your games.

New York Toy Fair is available in three versions, the text game, the web game and the mobile game, available on both Android and iOS.

Try them all and build your fake prototypes.

New York Toy Fair (Android)

New York Toy Fair (Apple)

Retro Gaming RoundUp