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In May 2015 Scott and U.K. Mike from the Retrogaming Roundup enjoyed the hopitality of random_dave's house to present the podcast's Live News show, and to show off James & Watch - Arm, copies of which were undergoing final assembly that very night.
At the end of a successful show everyone tucked into a sushi dinner and a couple of refreshing beers. Everyone was happy, noone could foresee that soon, a new game idea would be conceived.
Mrs. random_dave was ready to call it a night, and started to say goodnight to the crew. Unfortunately, at the very point that she went to hug Mike, Scott raised his can of creamy Manchester bitter to his mouth and then...


Everyone jumped back in shock at the sound, to reveal Scott, hand cupped in front of his mouth, cradling a chunk of his front tooth. It was all too clear that Mike's elbow had driven the can straight into Scott's pearly whites, and he had just one thing to say..
"Dave, how long would it take to tweak the James & Watch engine for an idea I've just had"
So James & Watch is back, and this time random_dave has managed to cram 2 exciting game modes into it, so open up a cold one and get cracking!

James & Watch - Tooth Cracker for the Sega Dreamcast has the following features
  • 2 exciting game modes
  • A hidden easter egg!
  • High quality full colour printed disc and jewel case artwork
  • VGA support
  • PAL-60 support
  • VMU Graphics
  • * Please ensure that your Dreamcast is a model that boots from CD-R's before purchasing to avoid disappointment
  • ** James & Watch is an homage to handheld LCD games of yore, and in no way affiated with any of those manufacturers. It is a homebrew project that is not licensed or produced by Sega

  • Standard edition - £15 including worldwide p&p
Finally, we would like to publicly thank and give full credit to our excellent Production Team

The James And Watch Team

Concept / Programming / Graphics / Sound / Produced by:  Ben Lancaster
QA / Play Testing:  Ben Jones, Mike James, Ian Guebert, Jeremy Janargin, Benjamin Rostance, Neil James
U.S. Promotions:  William Culver
Online Promotions:  Mike James, Scott Schreiber
Accommodation Coordinator:  Ben Jones
Cover / Inlay Art:  Benjamin Rostance

Retro Gaming RoundUp