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CGE Adventures the Card Game was inspired by the development of the board game. We felt it would be cool to have a portable version of CGE Adventures that you can take with you on the go and that is quick and easy to set up and play.

It needs no other pieces other than the pack of cards so it will fit right into your pocket.

Just like the Atari VCS game, the card game version in based around the story from CGE 2010 when the RetroGaming Roundup crew were interviewing a classic gaming celebrity while a strange fellow made off with not one, but a whole spindle of 100 of the Podcast Promo CDs. Through investigation and deduction the thief was identified and has now come to be famously known as the Deaf CD Thief.

Simply print off the pack of cards yourself and cut them out, and the game is ready to play.
Grab the download here.

While your game is printing you can listen to the excellent song CGE Adventures, written and performed by the the British IBM

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