May 26 2019
The Sega Genesis Mini is looking amazing
In a previous post, the Sega Genesis Mini was announced along with ten of the forty games. Since that time, twenty other games have been announced, along with a surprising bit of hardware news for the system.

First, it was noted that the US release comes with two three button controllers, while the Japanese release gets the improved six button controllers. In a bit of good news, while the US is still getting 3 button controllers, Sega has included compatibility with the officially licensed Genesis six button controllers from Retro-Bit, so if you prefer a six button layout or need one for a specific game, they will be out there for use in the North American market.

For the big news, 20 more games have been announced, making 30 of the 40 included titles known. I'll be touching on a few of these, with the entire list being posted at the bottom of this article. First, Sega has gotten Disney to work with them in licensing titles, giving us the fantastic Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion games. Earthworm Jim has recently been in the news due to the newest game in the series being on the to be released Intellivision Amico console, but the first title in the series will be available on the Genesis Mini. In addition to previously announced Castlevania Bloodlines, the fantastic Contra Hard Corps will also be brought in via Konami. Finally, Mega Man: The Wily Wars will finally make its full North American debut after previously only being available on Segas ill-fated Sega Channel hardware addon, making the 16 bit remastered Mega Man trilogy of original games available to the masses in North America for the first time, along with a bonus mode after the original trilogy is beaten.

The system releases this year on September 19th with an MSRP of $79.99.


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