Mar 31 2019
Sega announces the Sega Genesis Mini

Sega has announced its return to making hardware with the Sega Genesis mini. While this seems to be riding the hype of the other Classic and Mini systems released by other gaming companies, this is notable due to it being Segas first home console since the Dreamcast.

In Japan, the console is being released in two variants: an 80 dollar version featuring two six button controllers, and a 60 dollar version with just a single six button controller. America gets a single SKU for 80 dollars with two three button controllers. It seems an odd choice to not have the 6 button controller for the US market, but this is likely due to the game choices for each region.

So far ten games have been announced out of the forty total for the system. The current game list is as follows:
Notable in the announced game is Castlevania Bloodlines, which has not been ported or re-released since its original Genesis release. It's early to judge, but all ten of the announced games are some of the systems best, with Castlevania in particular being a hint that we could see other previous games that haven't been ported or re-released included. Sega previously had partnered with AtGames for their Genesis hardware compilations, but has dropped ties with the company, likely due to the poor quality of the emulator used as well as low quality plastics in the hardware. This looks as though we could see a turnaround with a high-quality mini on par with the Nintendo Classic line.

The Sega Genesis Mini will launch worldwide on September 19th, 2019.

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