Nov 16 2018
Playstation Classic LineUp Woes?
Recently Sony announced their full 20 game lineup for the Playstation Classic. Many have posted blogs or videos on YouTube complaining about the game lineup, especially since major titles like Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, or Castlevania did not make the cut (most of which I predicted would make the cut in my previous blog). However, while I feel there are a couple clunker titles, the majority I see as fine enjoyable games on the PS Classic. While the NES and SNES Classics had stronger game lineups, each also had its share of a few weird titles (NES with Ice-Climber and a port of Pac-Man, and SNES with Kirbys Dream Course). Let's take a non-partisan look at each PS Classic title, from someone who owned and grew up with this being their main console after upgrading from the SNES and Genesis.

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  1. Battle Arena Toshinden This would be one of the clunkers. This game is memorable for being the first 3D fighter on the Playstation, but was quickly surpassed by the Tekken series. On a system that includes Tekken 3, something more deserving should have went in this spot.
  2. Cool Boarders 2 This game has taken some flak, but is a rather strong sports title. If you can't get Tony Hawks Pro Skater due to licensing issues, this is a great choice, and is almost as fun as the skating series. A fun game well worth your time.
  3. Destruction Derby An early title, it was a huge multiplayer game in the early days of the Playstation. Many skipped the racing mode and jumped right into the battle mode to see who would be the last car standing.
  4. Final Fantasy VII One of the games that was a system seller. Still considered today one of the greatest RPGs ever made, and a foundation of Playstation. Had to be on here.
  5. Grand Theft Auto The series became hugely famous for the third game in the series, but the original was quite fun as well, and merited the sequels that created the huge franchise we have today.
  6. Intelligent Qube An underground cult classic, and expensive to purchase (sells from 40 to 70 on eBay). A fun and unique puzzle game in a style that hasn't been done since.
  7. Jumping Flash Mario 64 perfected the 3D platformer, but this game was a close second before Tomb Raider came along. Played in first person, but featured lots of platform jumping that was fun instead of a chore.
  8. Metal Gear Solid Another system seller, and another foundation of the Playstation. This game needed to be on the system. Also has not been re-released or even seen since the Gamecube remake, making this the first legit way to purchase the game in over a decade.
  9. Mr. Driller Another decent puzzle game. Not a bad game by any means. Surprising to see it on the list, but a fun title that perhaps should have had something else in its place.
  10. Oddworld: Abes Oddysee Not quite as well remembered, but this was a huge game when it released. It had beautiful graphics, a unique communication between the player and NPCs, and made you use your head to make progress. Was recently remastered.
  11. Rayman The PS1 was not known for 2D platformers, but Rayman was great fun, had a Disney-esque look to it, and got rather difficult in later levels for gamers who preferred some challenge. A good choice.
  12. Resident Evil: Directors Cut Another system seller, another foundation game. Many complain that the second Resident Evil isn't on the console, but it makes sense for the first game to be the one featured, as it was also hugely popular.
  13. Revelations: Persona Not the strongest RPG in the popular Persona series, but its inclusion makes for an incredibly cheap way to own this game, as on eBay it sells for a minimum of $150 dollars. It's inclusion makes the PS Classic a value right off the bat for any fan of the Persona games.
  14. Ridge Racer Type 4 Easily the best Ridge Racer game ever made. People complain about the lack of Gran Turismo, but there was no way we were getting that game due to the crazy licensing that would have to be done. R4 is a fine consolation prize.
  15. Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo This is another fun puzzle game that is a bit surprising to see included. Perhaps something stronger could have been in its spot, especially with two other puzzle games on the list, but its still a fun game.
  16. Syphon Filter I see many complaining about this one, but this was a huge game that released shortly after Metal Gear Solid, and many people went to it after completing Metal Gear. It deserves to be on here, and was a huge success in the PS1 era.
  17. Tekken 3 The best of the PS1 era Tekken games, and also hasn't seen re-release in ages, including Sony digital marketplace. I was surprised to see this one over Tekken 2, but it was a good surprise.
  18. Tom Clancys Rainbow 6 To me, this is the other clunker. The game was great in its era on PC, but had a poor port on Playstation. Likely we are seeing this due to the popularity of the PC version of the game during the PS1 era.
  19. Twisted Metal While the second game is better, the first was a solid vehicular combat title that definitely should have a spot on the Classic. The game was great with a second player to see who the last man standing was.
  20. Wild Arms Before Final Fantasy VII released, this game was the best RPG on the system. It has a unique western theme that isn't seen often in RPGs.
So, the list isn't bad at all. A few questionable titles (mostly in the puzzle games), a couple that really shouldn't be there, and the rest good, solid picks. I don't see what all the hate is over. Also, signs look good that the system will be hackable like the NES and SNES Classics are, since it is using an open source emulator (PCSX ReArmed) and likely is using a skinned version of Android as its OS. The only worry is if the internal storage only has 8 gigs (roughly the size of all 20 games) or 16 gigs, but I am leaning towards 16 gigs because on top of the games you need room for the OS as well as save states, which means it is likely this thing has around 6 extra gigs of room to add games. Even if thats not the case, the NES and SNES Classics have ways to use a USB splitter to use a USB stick for extra storage, and I see the PS Classic getting that functionality once the hackers start their work on it.

While there are tons of blogs and videos about people cancelling their pre-orders, I am keeping mine. This will have a proud spot beside my NES and SNES Classics in my upstairs bedroom.

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