Oct 23 2017
The Ultimate case for your Pi based emulation setup
The Raspberry Pi 3 has become incredibly popular among retro game enthusiasts for it's low price and versatility in emulating many classic gaming systems using the RetroPie software. Many companies have released different cases which all have different price points, features, and extras. However, one of the cases that offers the best value for what you get has been the NesPi case manufactured by Retroflag.

As pictured above, this case is identical to the classic NES case, however it is smaller than the NES Classic case. The front features a fully functional power button (with red LED light beside it) along with a working reset button. Your controller ports now house two USB ports, and under the cartridge flap you will find an additional 2 USB ports as well as an ethernet jack. The rear features HDMI output, power input, and 3.5 headphone jack output, and your SD card is on the side.

This setup is achieved by using a daughterboard in the front of the case. The Pi sits behind the daughterboard, and you plug a few short cables from the daughterboard to the Pi as pictured above. There is also room on the top of the case for a cooling fan if you choose to install one. At an MSRP of 25 dollars, this case is an absolute steal for all the extras it offers. Also, the case is made of molded plastic instead of being 3D Printed, giving it a very solid feel.

Pictured above is my corner table gaming setup. Using the NesPi case as the centerpiece, I have added a 19 inch flatpanel monitor, an 8BitDo NES Cube speaker, and an 8BitDo NES30 Pro controller along with a 128 GB SD card running HyperPie for a huge emulation setup. The underside of the case has a storage compartment for SD cards, and I use mine to hold a 4 GB SD card that copies the user interface of the NES Classic, yet has the complete NES Library.

For those of you that want to build your own retro gaming setup, or wish to have something like the NES Classic but with a much larger game selection, the NesPi case is one of the best choices you can make. Keep in mind some assembly is required, so if you want to just plug and play, an NES Classic is still a better option. But for a complete customizable experience, this case is a great start for constructing a tiny, yet powerful, retro gaming console.

The case can be ordered here.

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