Dec 1 2016
Retro YouTube: Little Miss Gamer
Readers of the blog may remember my writeup on Captain S, a Youtube show that ran in the late 2000's styled in a family friendly sitcom format. It was the webshow that put a spotlight on PBC Productions. This next show was their second large gaming show, running 23 episodes. Named Little Miss Gamer, it was another show that was highly unique among its peers at the time. Featuring a female lead, it was light on comedy, featuring no swearing just like Captain S (unlike most shows at the time), and had great appeal to someone not wanting to just watch another "angry review show."

One fantastic skill that the host has is the ability to take you back to the time you were playing these games she features. The female lead went by either Little Miss Gamer or "Z", and had an obvious love of the NES and SNES gaming era. She shows great passion in each video she produced, and her personality is so positive it's impossible not to let her upbeat attitude affect you as you watch. Each episode also has a Viewer Mail segment, giving more interaction than your typical YouTube show at the time and also gives the feeling of Z building a rapport with her viewers.

Some shows have some small skits done in them, and others feature some of Z's puppetry work, which is quite well done for the YouTube era it was in. Also, it felt very fitting for the show to use puppetry in an era that is filled with cheap CG effects, giving it a retro feel. Production standards are also pretty high for the era, just like Captain S. PBC Productions put a lot of effort into their camera and sound work, and it shows in each episode as the production values slowly get better and better.

Sadly, the show only lasted from October 2007 to 2010, and had a quiet end as PBC ramped down and their crew moved on to different things. However, that period had fantastic episodes released with games ranging from the Atari 2600 to the PS2 and X-Box eras, and it shows that while she has moved on to the newer consoles, she has fond memories of the older games.

The full playlist for the entire shows run can be found here, and here is a video of the first episode. Be sure to check this classic out!

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