Apr 29 2016
Who remembers Captain S?

You may be reading the title of this blog thinking that I am mistaken. Captain N was a saturday morning cartoon featuring numerous Nintendo properties (and many, MANY continuity errors like a green Mega Man and an egotistical Simon Belmont.) However, I am indeed talking about Captain S.

Captain S was a live-action YouTube show that lasted one season in 2007. Taking influence from Captain N as well as Full House, it was a very entertaining series created by PBC Productions, who also produced the Little Miss Gamer show (another very well made series). During an era on YouTube where any retro game review had the typical "angry video game reviewer" style, captain S dared to be different. Its in depth story arc, joined with a fresh (albeit intentionally cheesy) family friendly style, was a breath of fresh air in the caustic YouTube world. It was not only well filmed, but well acted as well, with the actors putting forth a great effort in their roles.

The plot follows Chad Belmont as he purchases a Mega Drive cartridge which contains "The Head", who dons him Captain S, the Video Game Defender. Chad defends videoland in multiple game worlds inside his Mega Drive (Genesis) while balancing his real world life at the same time, finding that soon the villains in video game land have enlisted someone in the real world to invade and take over both worlds. It's a fun story, with the story arc culminating in an epic showdown, wrapping things up well while leaving a few ideas open for a second season. Season two was planned, but unfortunately never happened due to financial and time constraints. The series was released on DVD, but is now out of stock. I am very happy to have gotten my DVD back in 2010, which was well packaged and included a few extras like a page from a Little Miss Gamer script and some stickers.

I have combined all ten episodes of Captain S and the Captain S/AVGN Christmas Crossover (yes, this was a thing and yes, it was epic indeed) into one movie length video you can watch below. Join in with me and lets raise a virtual shot glass to the PBC Productions guys that did this series.


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