Feb 5 2015
Power Action Chair 2
Hi Folks!

So recently I was pestering UK Mike to allow me to crash the Live News feed and show off a new pick up that I bought a few weeks ago. It’s current nickname is the SEGA Power Chair but after investigating I think it’s actually the Power Action Chair 2, released in Minnesota and made to be compatible with the Nintendo (NES) as well as the SEGA Master system and SEGA Megadrive/Genesis, and now it’s sitting in my gaming room.

The chair belonged to a lady who assumed that it was for the Atari. She, having no idea about the effects of water on metal over a prolonged amount of time, decided that the best place for the chair would be in a cold warehouse. I sigh in relief when I see the chair and it has no signs of rust or damage beyond a missing button, plus a lifetime supply of dust.

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After agreeing to buy the chair I promptly ‘made it rain’ and left with the chair in my arms like a fat, man-child covered in tears of joy. ‘The seller had no idea how to respond to my behaviour so after a long pause of silence with only my tears to break the awkward sound of nothing’ I promptly left for the car.

I had put a little effort into investigating the chair after the very friendly and tall (@Theretrohunter) tweeted to the masses that the chair was up for sale but listed incorrectly on eBay UK. My search of "SEGA CHAIR" brought a lot of speculation on what gamers assume the chair is about but nothing more seemed to be on the web in regards to actual facts, so it won’t surprise you to know that my online investigations then turned into a search for funny videos with cats. I had failed my chair but I'm no journalist, I had planned to get home and secretly email Ian Guebert (@Greatbitblog), the man who tells me everything I need to know about gaming that Aaron Hickman (@Retroobscura) doesn’t know. However, I forget all about this by the time I'm home and wait nearly three weeks to do anything with the chair except sit in it and pretend im riding a motorbike from Super Hang-On.

So where am I going with this blog? Well, I’m getting there, but like a man with a small penis I have to make up for my lack of writing skills with a lot of tedious preparation so you don’t feel let down and never look me up again. HAHA! True story. I Digress.

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I am on Skype with a good friend Victor Marlan from the (@Tenpencearcade) and I ask him what he knows about electronics (secretly knowing that he is very knowledgeable in this field) but I need a Segway into my conversation about the chair that doesn’t appear rude and selfish.

See, I’m not just a pretty face! I then tell him about the chair after which he proceeds to tell me how to re-wire it to work with a missing button and to clean up the boards so it will work with my Megadrive. It was like the movie ‘The Bone Collector’ but with a Sega Chair and me having bigger moobs than Angelina Jolie in the Lara Croft movie.

At last the chair was running like it was intended to and I was super happy with it, but like I said before, I did a ‘little’ research so that’s all I know.

Now I am opening this up for debate amongst our gaming community and I hope you all invite me onto your podcasts to talk about the chair. If you feel let down by my anti-climactic finish just be grateful that you don’t have to look me in the eyes as you decide not to come back here again! True Story. Haha!

I have already been on the "Live News" segment of the RetroGaming Roundup Podcast but then Crow (one of Scott's robots) messed up the recording and my 15 minutes of fame were lost forever. Well, except to those who made it to the Live broadcast of course....

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All people mentioned should be followed as they are great friends and also entertainers.

See you in February folk’s!

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