Dec 24 2011
Sonic CD for iOS and Android
I love the trickle of retro titles coming to cell phones and tablets. Its a good time to be a retro game fan.

Sega has released Sonic CD on iOS and Android. If you haven't played Sonic CD and are a Sonic fan, this is a must download. Sonic CD was originally released on the Sega CD and is often heralded as the best game for the system, with some claiming its also the best Sonic game in the series as well. Its a spectacular display of 2D playforming that plays surprisingly well on touchscreen controls.

There have been a few additions too. Noticable right away is a widescreen view, which gives a much better view of whats coming up onscreen. There's also leaderboards and achievements for the online generation.

Also, if you prefer your retro games a bit more modern, Grand Theft Auto 3 is available for iOS and Android today as well. Chrono Trigger is coming soon too, making a great time for retro gamers who own modern phones.

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