Nov 9 2011
Okami: the NES game?
During the October 2011 episode of Retro Gaming Roundup, the siteĀ was brought up during the news segment. Through this site you can get NES cartridges with labels added to them depicting newer franchises. Having already put my order in for one of these prior to the podcast (and hearing Scott's dislike for the product), I thought I would post up some pictures showing the game that I received.

The artwork was very well designed, printed, and applied. For the price of $20 to pay the artist and get his work placed onto an original NES cartidge, I think, it's a reasonable price if you're going to pick and choose which games you want that they'll end up making. I will agree with the concerns about actual cartridges being used for the production of the final work however. I would have to contact the website to see how many copies of each game are being made. It's almost a guarantee that they're not making thousands of these. As of this blog, Okami is sold out.

Here's the game with it's real life counterparts

Now you may be asking, "Burgertime, can these cartridges actually be played?", and the answer is Yes. They don't have an 8-bit version of the game on them, but because this is meant to be a collectible piece of art for gamers, I can understand not having one on there. They're releasing so many different games in the old school style that it wouldn't be realistic to wait for the code for each game to be finished and then put them on the carts.

So what game did I get on the cart?

Yup, good ol' Major League Baseball. A game I actually don't have.

So there you go, a quick look at the retro carts over at

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