Oct 17 2011
2011 Tetris World Championships Results

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The Tetris World Championships, held Sunday at the University of Southern California, has ended, and the champions have been crowned!

Jonas Neubauer (far left in picture) took the crown in the NES section of the competition for the second year in a row. Everyone knew he was a great player going in, but he has cemented himself in Tetris greatness by taking the crown two consecutive years. It's gonna take a lot to knock him from the top.

New this year was a Playstation Network Tetris tournament as well, for those modern gamers out there. John Tran (fourth from left in picture, holding two trophies) had a huge showing, taking not just the Solo title, but also teaming with  Roger Teng to be part of the team to take the Multiplayer PSN tournament as well!

Jonas Wins NES Tournament (Video)

John wins PS3 Tournament (Video)
Congratulations to the winners, and we look forward to next years competition!

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