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The word Retro comes from the Latin word retro, meaning backwards or past times.

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Streaming 24/7 This is home base for the most definitive and entertaining retro video game podcast on the planet. You can expect monthly episodes full of classic gaming news, views and opinions from around the world.

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Each episode will be overflowing with content including:

  • Classic Gaming Guru Interviews
  • Classic Gaming Related Editorials
  • Retro Computer and Console Game Rants
  • Game reviews From Both Sides Of The Pond
  • Your technical questions answered
  • Top Ten Lists
  • Arcade and Pinball coverage
  • Hardware and Software information
  • Gaming Expo News
  • Vintage Video Gaming and Computer Commercials
And Much More!!


Scott Schreiber:- "Brilliant game designer, very angry at his penis!!"
Mike James:- "Nurse!! He's out of bed again!!"
Mike Kennedy:- "Where we discuss the best..... What are we discussing?"

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Join the hosts and a cast of characters in
their very own game for the Atari 2600 called

Retro Gaming RoundUp Presents:
CGE Adventures


If you don't, you might get a visit from The Retro Police!!

By the way, our website contains Easter Eggs so keep an eye out for them.

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